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    • Apr 25, 2018

    Vietnam considers raising retirement age

    The country is looking at two options. The first would raise it 62 for men and 60 for women, by adding three months to the current retirement age every year. The second option would increase it to 65 and 60 respectively, by adding four months to the current retirement age every year. A change to the minimum amount of years spent paying social insurance to be eligible for a monthly pension has also been proposed. If the retirement age remains unchanged, the country's social insurance fund may fall short by 2020 and would be exhausted by 2037, Vietnam Social Insurance predicted. more info

    • Apr 25, 2018

    Beijing sees seniors taking over karaoke lounges during the day

    Most of Beijing's karaoke lounges (KTVs) are occupied by senior citizens in the daytime with seniors spending up to a whole day singing. Seniors used to sing at home when KTVs began to go viral in China the cost to use a booth was quite high, but prices have fallen. According to several KTVs, with the exception of popular time periods such as evenings, two-thirds of the customers are senior citizens. more info

    • Apr 25, 2018

    U.K. study shows more research required to prevent BAME seniors from becoming socially isolated

    A report published by Ambition for Aging calls for more research into the experiences of older Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) people in Greater Manchester in order to tackle social isolation. Research shows social isolation takes on different forms according to a range of factors and may be influenced by an individual's ethnic background. The report recommends further research be carried out in order to recognize the differences between and within minority ethnic groups in relation to their experiences. It also suggests involving older people from minority ethnic backgrounds in co-research projects, may provide a valuable tool for including seldom heard people in work on social isolation. more info

    • Apr 25, 2018

    Smart Seniors Program empowers seniors in India with technology

    The Smart Seniors initiative by ResPublica Consulting and Karuna Communications, was set up to empower and equip senior citizens with the skills to use their smartphones.  Most seniors carry smartphones with them, but they hardly know how to use it except to make a call. The session demonstrates how to conduct simple Google searches, pay bills, advantages and pitfalls of apps and how to book a cab.  more info

    • Apr 25, 2018

    Age UK Sheffield planning to restore historic park building for senior center

    Age UK Sheffield is hoping to revitalize an old coach house to provide facilities for the young and old. In the main building it plans to have an activity room for people with dementia and the ground floor will house a community area with a cafe. A neighboring building would be used as classrooms for activities and language and computer classes for older people. Age UK Sheffield is working alongside the Friends of Hillsborough Park on the project. more info

    • Apr 24, 2018

    Cardboard grannies in Hong Kong living in poverty

    Cardboard grannies, seniors who search of disused cardboard to sell to local recycling plants, are one of the most visible indicators of Hong Kong's struggle to support its elderly population. According to researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the city has the longest life expectancy in the world, however, one third of Hong Kong's elderly live in poverty. Figures from 2016 put the number at 478,400 people aged 65 or over languishing below the poverty line. more info

    • Apr 24, 2018

    Study finds majority of New Zealand seniors at risk of malnourishment

    A study at Massey University in Australia found almost 75% of older adults were at risk of malnourishment, or were malnourished, when they were admitted to hospital. The study followed an earlier pilot which found 23% of respondents were malnourished and 35% were at high risk of malnourishment at hospital admission. more info

    • Apr 24, 2018

    Canadian Center for Aging + Brain Health Innovation provides $5.92M funding to support innovations for dementia patients, caregivers

    The Center for Aging + Brain Health Innovation in Toronto, Canada, led by Baycrest Health Sciences, announced $5.92 million in funding to support the development and validation testing of 53 innovations aimed at improving the QoL of those affected by dementia and their caregivers. Among the funded projects:

    • A localized area alert system for missing persons with dementia;
    • An assessment of the use of smart-home technologies to support caregivers and older adults at home with dementia; and
    • An augmentative and alternative communication system designed to replace spoken communication for non-verbal individuals.
    more info

    • Apr 23, 2018

    Student-in Residence Program allows Canadian student to live in retirement home

    United Active Living and St. Mary's University formed a partnership called the Student-in-residence program. The program allows one St. Mary's student to get free room-and-board in exchange for 30 hours per week of volunteer duties with seniors. more info

    • Apr 23, 2018

    Staff at Australia's senior homes to receive mandatory influenza vaccine

    It's mandatory for every aged care provider in Australia to offer the flu vaccine to its employees, as part of the Government's attempt to maximize protection against the flu for seniors. The country has made two flu vaccines available to over three million Australians aged 65 years and over free of charge this year. In 2017, just over 1,100 influenza-associated deaths were reported in Australia, with people aged 65 years and older accounting for more than 90% of these. more info


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