About AgeSource Worldwide

AgeSource Worldwide (ASW) was developed by AARP to identify and describe significant or unique information resources in aging around the world. ASW includes clearinghouses, databases, libraries, directories, bibliographies and reading lists, texts and reports, national statistical resources, training materials, and Web “metasites” focused on aging or closely allied subjects. The topics covered range from Alzheimer's disease to wills and estate planning. The majority of these resources are on the Internet, which remains the first approach of many information seekers.

ASW includes hundreds of information resources in many countries. The majority have been found in the United States. Most of the information resources are located in North America and Europe. Relatively few resources are located in semi-industrialized or developing nations, although many more include developing nations in their collections or scope.

You can search by subject, country or region of the world, or by type and language of the information resource—or by some combination of these.

The resources have been selected based on one or more of the following criteria:

  • they are sizable (collections of 1,000 or more items);
  • they have an exclusive or significant focus on aging;
  • they are unique in the nature of the information collected;
  • the information they provide is easily accessible via the Internet.

We hope you find ASW useful and the navigation easy. You may send feedback to: cnusberg@aarp.org