AgeStats Worldwide  (AStW) was developed by AARP to facilitate the comparison of the situation of older adults between countries and regions for as many geographic areas as reliable data are available. One goal is to permit users to better place their national situation into a broader context.

AStW provides a variety of statistical data about aging for the world, regions, and countries. Results provide relevant data usually accompanied by appropriate contextual information. Note that while demographic data are usually available for most countries, socio-economic data are often limited to developed countries, which have proportionately large aging populations and the resources to collect detailed statistical information.

The most recent data available have been included, as well as projections 50 or more years ahead where available. In some cases, historical data going back to the mid-20th century is available.

Data sources
Much of the data have been drawn from the work of international and regional organizations that usually gather data from national governmental sources, and then adjust them to allow comparability. The data are mostly publicly available, although often not easy to find and/or difficult to download. Where similar data exist from two or more reputable sources, usually the more recent source and/or the source covering more geographic entities is included.

For more developed countries, the figures presented are usually reliable. A word of caution is required, though, in evaluating the data for many developing countries. Because of weak data-gathering infrastructures, the data provided by their governments may be questionable. While international agencies can adjust data for comparability, it is not easy for them to correct inaccuracies.

We have tried to include all readily available, credible data related to aging. New data will continue to be added, and existing data updated as more recent statistics become available. If you know of additional data that we might include, please alert us by e-mail at: cnusberg@aarp.org