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Fujitsu and DoCoMo Release Raku-Raku, Age-Friendly Smartphone

Fujitsu, a Japanese IT equipment and service company, has released a smartphone equipped with user-friendly features for older consumers.



Claris Companion Tablet Connects Seniors with Families and Caregivers

Claris Healthcare developed a new tablet called the Claris Companion, which allows seniors to surf online safely and communicate easily with their family and health care providers such as doctors and social workers.

Giraffplus: Telepresence robot designed for in-home elder care

The GiraffPlus robot, funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework, continuously monitors a patient’s health via a network of sensors placed in the home.

Google Nutrition Calculator

Google has launched the most recent update to its search engine that promises to be a go-to tool for anyone trying to eat healthy.

SoS Mobile Watch Doubles as Medical Alert System and Mobile Phone

Australian personal care technology company mCareWatch has developed a new mobile personal device to help meet the challenges of an aging population.

Hitachi Designs Self-Driving Car

Named, ROPITS (Robot for Personal Intelligent Transportation System), this self-driving car has been deemed a “mobility support robot” by Hitachi and is designed for a single passenger.

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