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Into D’mentia Simulation Aims to Improve Dementia Care Globally

The Into D’mentia experience is centered on a simulation. After an introduction, participants step into a mobile trailer designed to resemble a home kitchen. As participants move about the kitchen, audio and visual technology— including some of the latest developments from the world of gaming—simulate the kinds of difficulties someone with dementia might have.



Ibasho’s Sustainable Communities Help Seniors Redefine Old Age

Based in Washington, DC, but reaching communities around the world, the non-profit organization Ibasho—Japanese for “a place where you can be yourself”—is helping redefine older adults’ roles in their communities by developing socially integrated and sustainable spaces.

Eatwell: Tableware set for people with cognitive impairment

Eatwell, a product designed and conceived by Sha Yao, is tableware that aids people with cognitive impairment. She was inspired by her grandmother diagnosed with Alzheimer’s when she noticed she could no longer care for herself. Thus, in effort to improve her grandmother’s quality of life, she designed tableware that stimulates appetite while minimizing effort of both the individual and the caregiver.

The Jiminy Wicket Project: Connecting Through Croquet

With help from the Denver Alzheimer’s Association and Denver Croquet Club, James started a program called Jiminy Wicket. The program has three goals: Increase awareness. Decrease stigmas, Make people smile

Koureisha Ltd.: Redefining Flexible Retirement Opportunities

A human resources (HR) firm in Japan called Koureisha Ltd.—Japanese for Elderly Inc.—is redefining flexible retirement opportunities for older workers in Japan.

Fujitsu and DoCoMo Release Raku-Raku, Age-Friendly Smartphone

Fujitsu, a Japanese IT equipment and service company, has released a smartphone equipped with user-friendly features for older consumers.

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