Emiew - Helping Seniors Live Independently


Publish Date: January  18,  2017

URL: http://www.hitachi.com/rd/portal/highlight/robotics

Company: Hitachi

emiew3.jpgWhile most seniors prefer to age in place, living alone can come with its own set of challenges. Isolation can be dangerous in dire situations such as falls or medical emergencies. It can also be a concern for seniors living their day to day lives in loneliness or with limited mobility. Japanese company Hitachi, which builds everything from nuclear reactors to brain scanners, is now developing products to help older Japanese who wish to live independently.

EMIEW3 is an autonomous companion robot designed by the company. EMIEW3 looks a bit like Hello Kitty and is capable of greeting and interacting with people and picking itself up when it falls over. Although the robot could have many uses, companionship and assistance to older adults is an obvious option.

EMIEW3, the humanoid helper robot, is expected to hit the market in 2018.