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The Journal 2023 Edition Now Available!

This edition was crafted to respond to the unique times we are in. We invited experts to focus on long-term care in a post-covid world and the future of work.

We also take a closer look at New Zealand. The island nation's approach to aging is underpinned by a solid social infrastructure and progressive ideals. 

Featured Articles...

Jo Ann Jenkins

A Letter from our CEO

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Dr. Vivek Murthy

Healthy Aging and Well-Being at Work: Opportunities for Action

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Andrew Little

A Message from New Zealand's Minister of Health

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Contributing Authors

Achieving Equitable Healthy Aging in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: The Aging Readiness & Competitiveness Report 4.0

By Zul Merali and Olivera Nesic-Taylor

Another unique aspect of aging in Africa is that the current Sub-Saharan population is remarkably young and is projected to remain so over the next few decades. Given the numerous needs of Africa’s children and youth, it is not surprising that issues of the older population receive limited attention.

Age Inclusion and Healthy Longevity: Building Blocks for Business Success

By Scott Frisch

Research shows that multigenerational teams increase productivity and engagement, and lower absenteeism. These teams have better market insight.

Colorful Gray: We All Deserve to Live Life to Its Fullest

By Maciej J. Kucharczyk

Our vision encompasses an inclusive society based on well-being for all; solidarity between generations; and full entitlement to enjoy life, participate in, and contribute to society.

Embracing the Opportunities of Demographic Change

By Dubravka Šuica

Providing flexible retirement policies and paths toward a gradual end of career can help avoid one of the biggest sources of brain drain: losing our most experienced and knowledgeable workers.

Ensuring Support for Caregivers and Families

By Lisa Paus

However, caregivers are often overburdened, which can have negative mental, social, and educational impacts. Pausentaste helps young caregivers to take a break, reflect, accept support, and talk about their
situation — anonymously.

From the CEO: Keys to Healthy Longevity

By Jo Ann Jenkins

As global aging transforms economies around the world, the growth opportunity is AgeTech — that is, technological innovation across all sectors in developing products and services that help people live better as they age.

From the Editor-in-Chief: The Journal, 2023 Edition

By Peter Rundlet

This edition was crafted to respond to the unique times we are in. The global megatrend of population aging is increasingly highlighted in the nightly news, rising in the popular consciousness.

Healthy Aging and Well-Being at Work: Opportunities for Action

By Vivek H. Murthy

Organizations can create structured time for social gatherings and initiatives to foster sharing of diverse lived experiences and for peer support and mentoring by older workers.

Long-term Care in Europe: A New Start?

By Philippe Seidel Leroy

Reports of participative care homes, going as far as having residents take part in job interviews for new staff, have emerged as well. These show that the change we are calling for is achievable, desirable, and — not the least important argument — fundable.

Older Women's Challenges Through a Latin American Lens

By María del Carmen Squeff

The intersection of age and gender results in older women experiencing multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination and inequalities throughout their lifetime.

Population Aging is the New Global Reality; Planning for it is an Imperative

By Diene Keita

It is important to recognize that active and healthy aging does not magically start at age 60 but is the result of how we lived throughout life. Countries must not only expand and improve geriatric care but must also pay greater attention to lifelong health.

The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Wake-Up Call for Long-term Care?

By Francesca Colombo, Elina Suzuki

That we live longer is something to welcome, but our health and long-term care systems will need to adapt. Even when accounting for the uncertainties about the extent to which the extra years of life will translate into healthy living, the need for care services will grow as a larger share of the population gets older.

The Experience of COVID-19 in Singapore

By Emi Kiyota, David Michael Allen

The rapid deployment of these measures in the early months of the pandemic prevented the health care system from being overwhelmed. As a consequence, lives were saved.

The Future of Long-term Services and Supports in the United States

By Robyn I. Stone

We need to expand the options of residential settings available to people living in different communities and geographies across the country. These options should be affordable to all, not just reserved for those who have significant resources or who spend all of their savings until they qualify for Medicaid to receive coverage
(assuming that a waiver covers the care).

Who’s Working Longer — and Who’s Left Behind? Good Jobs Make Delayed Retirement a Healthier Option

By Beth C. Truesdale, Lisa F. Berkman

Health and job quality are deeply intertwined. There is increasing recognition that work is a major social determinant of health.

Aging in New Zealand: A Commentary by Minister of Health Andrew Little

By Andrew Little

The vision for the new system is to achieve pae ora [healthy futures] for all New Zealanders. In short, we want to see people living longer in good health and with improved quality of life.

Digital Discrimination: Addressing Ageism in Design and Use of New and Emerging Technologies

By Kiran S. Jivnani and Lloyd J. Whitman

To attract, retain, and support a more diverse workforce, companies will need to be deliberate and equitable in creating inclusive working conditions and lifelong learning opportunities to maintain digital literacy.

Inspiration and Insights from the “Village of 5 Million”

By Debra Whitman, Peter Rundlet, and Holly Schulz

As we reflect on all of our engagements, it is clear that New Zealand’s policy makers are energized to improve the lives and well-being of the country’s older adults.