Health and well-being is not just an individual concern—it is the reflection of a strong and competitive society.  The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that health is fundamental and anything that makes it harder for us to get healthy, stay healthy, or recover when we’re sick will have societal and economic ramifications. We have seen how the pandemic bundled with changing demographics around the world has impacted labor shortages, supply chain issues, and increased competition for talent.  Amid these changes, our aging population is increasing, and many people are working longer and over the long term living longer.

Whether in a downtown office building, factory, or home office, the workplace is evolving into a social determinant of health. 

Let’s talk about how we build stronger, more competitive economies by harnessing the potential contributions of people living longer, healthier lives.  We recognize the important role and potential that the private sector can play in promoting healthy longevity. 

At this unique AARP event, business leaders, health and economic experts shared their ideas and insights on how we can consider healthy longevity as a key driver of a robust economy and vibrant workplaces.  

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