The Future of Work for the 50+ Considerations for workers and employers.

People are living (and working) longer, and there are lasting effects. How will we respond to these 5 megatrends that are shaping the future of work?

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Future of Work Five Megatrends Point of View Blogs

Recruiting and Retaining Older Workers, Especially Low-Wage Employees, is a Must for U.S. Businesses. Here are Tools Employers Can Use.

"Fortunately, a broad array of evidence-based hiring and talent development strategies are at the ready for U.S. employers."

  • Diane Ty, Managing Director, Milken Institute Future of Aging
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Older Workers: America’s Surging Asset

Embracing older workers accrues myriad advantages for employees, companies, and governments. When it comes to employees, research consistently links work with improved physical, emotional, and cognitive health.

  • Xenia Viragh, Natalie King, and Anika Heavener, The SCAN Foundation
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The Older Workforce Renaissance

Older adults who continue to seek income often also seek flexibility, which makes non-traditional and gig-based employment an attractive option to these workers

Entrepreneurship Past 50: Envisioning a Better Future

"For adults 50-plus, entrepreneurship can be an important source of income, serving as one’s main job, a side hustle, or a bridge to retirement."

A Skills-Based Profile is a Personal Brand

"A worker’s “brand” is their skills-based profile. Essentially workers must find ways to articulate their skills and experiences on new technology-based and digital job-matching platforms."