The Future of Work for the 50+ Considerations for workers and employers.

People are living (and working) longer, and there are lasting effects. How will we respond to these 5 megatrends that are shaping the future of work?

Future of Work Five Megatrends Point of View Blogs

4 Workplace Benefits to Help Address Financial Challenges for Older Employees, Today and Tomorrow

" attract and retain older generations of workers, employers must help them prepare for what is to come as they age."

The Potential of AI In Advancing Workplace Changes That Support Longer Working Lives

"...using AI in the workplace can lead us toward work environments that benefit older workers if we make the thoughtful and equity-focused use of it a priority."

Flexibility is Giving Work and Retirement New Meaning

" According to our latest Global Sentiment Survey, which surveys working adults in more than 20 international regions, flexibility in the workplace is a top offering that workers want to see."

What Universal Design Can Teach Us About Our Aging Workforce

“Employers’ general neglect of older workers opens up a powerful source of competitive advantage for organizations that see their value. What, then, should employers do if they want to tap this talent? I’d argue that they should think of a curb cut.”

Consider these Four Challenges to Expand the Narrative beyond “Working Longer”

"In a post-COVID world, the field must come together to reimagine outdated models and set the agenda for new policies and practices moving forward."