The Future of Work for the 50+ :Considerations for workers and employers.

People are living (and working) longer, and there are lasting effects. How will we respond to these 5 megatrends that are shaping the future of work?

Future of Work Five Megatrends Point of View Blogs

Flexibility is Giving Work and Retirement New Meaning

" According to our latest Global Sentiment Survey, which surveys working adults in more than 20 international regions, flexibility in the workplace is a top offering that workers want to see."

What Universal Design Can Teach Us About Our Aging Workforce

“Employers’ general neglect of older workers opens up a powerful source of competitive advantage for organizations that see their value. What, then, should employers do if they want to tap this talent? I’d argue that they should think of a curb cut.”

Consider these Four Challenges to Expand the Narrative beyond “Working Longer”

"In a post-COVID world, the field must come together to reimagine outdated models and set the agenda for new policies and practices moving forward."

Building a Gender-Equitable Economy is Not a Women’s Issue —It’s Everyone’s Issue

"To build a gender-equitable economy we need to reimagine and redesign systems to support women workers to strive and thrive across their lifetimes. It requires an in-depth understanding of the barriers women face; and it demands market-based policies, programs, products, and services that support even the most marginalized workers to reach their full potential."

The time for lifelong learning is now: supporting older workers in navigating career changes in the wake of the pandemic

"In a world where education is increasingly delivered online, where one must apply for jobs online and where jobs have increasing digital skill requirements, there is a need to support digital skill development."