Kazumi Nishikawa
Director, Healthcare Industries Division
Japan Ministry of Economic Trade and Industry

Kazumi Nishikawa is Director, Healthcare Industries Division, of METI (Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry) of Japan. He is a member of Global Future Council for Human Enhancement and Longevity, WEF. Prior to his current appointment, Mr. Nishikawa held various positions in METI over a period of 23 years, including Director for Trade Strategy to cover trade strategy and global growth strategy of Japan, Executive Director of JETRO Singapore/Special Advisor to the Minister's Secretariat of METI to cover Asian economic integration, Director for Policy Planning in the Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau to coordinate the Growth Strategy of “Abenomics” Policy, Principle Deputy Director of Minister’s Secretariat, WTO negotiator, and Deputy Director for SME Finance. He has also worked in the Defense Ministry and Cabinet Office. Mr Nishikawa holds a law degree from the University of Tokyo, an LLM from Northwestern University School of Law, and an LLM for International Study from Georgetown University Law Center. He had qualification as an Attorney at Law in New York state, USA.