Building a Competitive Future for All: The Business Case for Healthy Longevity

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With the aging of American society, people either need or want to work longer. To successfully support this, workplaces must embrace the demographic and cultural shifts, making changes that promote lifelong wellbeing and health of employees. Done well, workplaces can inspire purpose, increase productivity, and capture new business growth.  

“Building a Competitive Future for All: The business case for Healthy Longevity” is a workbook to guide that journey. Inside executives will find clear examples of changes that can be ushered in to unlock healthy longevity for employees and take advantage of consumer opportunities. Along with strong data on the aging of American society and what it means for businesses, the workbook gives insights for taking advantage of the trends and proven success stories from workplaces that have already adopted new ways of doing business that support healthy longevity. 

 There is support for all, no matter where a workplace is along the journey to adopting healthy longevity practices. From the beginner, just starting to think about adjusting work design, to those already embracing practices that enable employees to remain healthier while working longer, there are tips and insights that will guide and inspire everyone. 




For more information, contact: Staci Alexander, Vice-President, AARP Thought Leadership