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Innovative Responses to Covid-19 from Around the World

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Below are some suggestions on how to cope with quarantine and COVID-19. Keep scrolling for more information and additional resources!

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Get Active

Support Healthcare Workers

Combat Isolation

Provide Useful Information

United Kingdom: 10-minute exercise routines from 10 Today in the UK

Fall prevention exercises from a variety of sources

EU: Exercises for particular parts of the body to improve your strength and balance from the European Commission-funded research project Farseeing

United Kingdom: Exercises for those with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia from the Royal Osteoporosis Society

Japan: Human 'Taiso' (Human Exercise) video for older people from Japan's Human Life Care center.  

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Ireland: Free Cars & Insurance

Renault Ireland and AXA Insurance are offering free cars and insurance to doctors and nurses returning to Ireland to join the effort.

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Ireland: Pets get temporary foster care

Ireland’s Dogs Trust charity has launched is offering temporary foster care for dogs of frontline healthcare workers if their workload increases or they become ill.

Supporting our Healthcare Workers

Innovate for Africa

Platform for medical professionals, lawyers, and social entrepreneurs to mobilize to provide face masks and hygiene products to vulnerable people

Panama: Acrylic Booth Donations

In Panama, a citizen is creating and donating booths made of acrylic to be used by health care workers to protect them while they perform COVID-19 tests.


Ireland: Ask, & Ye Shall Receive!

A hospice in Cork, Ireland had overwhelming public response to an initiative to collect iPads and tablets, and a Go Fund Me campaign to raise money for the technology, to help patients and their families keep in touch.

United Kingdom: Adopt a Grandparent

A UK campaign is combating loneliness among older persons during the coronavirus pandemic, by setting up a virtual programme, where people can “Adopt a Grandparent” to combat loneliness during Coronavirus.

Bulgaria: calling all volunteers

In Bulgaria, the Sofia Volunteer Platform mobilizes volunteers to serve older people and vulnerable resident by delivering food, medicines, or just making social calls.  

Croatia: Healthy at Home

Croatia’s Red Cross and Chamber of Pharmacy launched the Call for Health Projectto ensure that people who are isolated, have chronic conditions or are immobile receive medical supplies and pharmacy advice.

Virtual travel to visit museums and precious collections around the world abound.

Egypt: The Egyptian Tourism Board invites the world into the 5,000-year-old tomb of Queen Meresankh III

Israel: You can tour Holy Jerusalem on youtube

United Kingdom: Virtual visitors to the British Museum in London can browse more than 60 galleries full of world-famous objects

Russia: A one-take journey through Russia’s iconic Hermitage museum

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United Kingdom: Bereavement Resources

Leeds Bereavement Forum is a small charity that is providing links to local and national resources for people affected by bereavement.

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United Kingdom: The Later Life Radio Network

Located in Newcastle, UK this collective is a set of radio stations run mostly by older people that presents relevant issues; some local data indicates more people than usual are currently tuning in to radio for information and insights.

Ways to Provide Useful Information