Equity by Design Global Dialogue Series

Global Dialogue Series

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Dialogue 1:
Enable by Design & Drive Informed Demand

Individuals and families have a right to expect living environments that are safe and enabling across the lifespan. Built environment professionals should create housing and communities that enable people to function well within their abilities at every age. Innovations that advance this goal should become the norm and not the exception.

Topics include: Universal Design, UD, dementia, environmental press, Visitability, Aging in Place

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Dialogue 2:
Alleviate Disparities

Low-income and minority communities disproportionately struggle to attain basic health, safety, and wellbeing. Built environment professionals should prioritize the creation and maintenance of enabling built environments in disproportionately impacted communities, as a vehicle for properly addressing the needs of disadvantaged residents and alleviating disparities.

Topics include: Aging in Place, low-income, LGBTQ+

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Dialogue 3:
Create Appropriate Finance Products

Current finance products limit the renovation or development of housing models that meet the diverse needs of different people over longer lifespans. Financial models and products should facilitate investment in housing stock and communities that enable independence over the lifespan and view lifelong, multigenerational living environments as an asset.

Topics include: housing finance, housing justice, low-income, LIHTC

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Dialogue 4:
Prioritize Connectivity

Built environment professionals must prioritize the provision of broadband access and appropriate technologies that enable telehealth and remote learning, work, and engagement, as a means to facilitate greater independence and participation by residents of all ages and abilities in all aspects of society.

Topics include: Internet of Things, digital society, equity, inclusion, inclusive, access

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Dialogue 5:
Facilitate Intergenerational Engagement

Built environment professionals should create living environments that facilitate regular interaction and engagement across all generations, for their mutual benefit and the continued contribution to society by people of all ages, and to combat ageism.

Topics include: collaboration, sustainability, community

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Dialogue 6:
Include Age-Friendliness in Other Priorities & Lead Cross-Sector Collaboration

Built environment professionals should utilize planning and other collaborative tools to advance developments that demonstrate an active contribution to societal agendas, and they should tap existing efforts to advance UN Sustainable Development goals as opportunities to regenerate and retrofit our built environment assets using a lifelong equity lens.

Topics include: planning, zoning, land use, communities, community assessment, healthy aging, public health

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For more information about AARP's Equity by Design work, contact: 
Stephanie K. Firestone
, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor for Health and Age-Friendly Communites, AARP International.