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FlexDanmark Optimizes Scandinavian Software Solution to Deliver Efficient, High Quality Transportation to Its Citizens

In October 2018, AARP’s Office of Policy, Research and International Affairs staff Jana Lynott and Kim Sedmak traveled to Denmark for a study tour and video shoot of the successful FlexDanmark transportation system.

When it comes to transportation for older adults, people with disabilities, and rural residents, Denmark is known in transit circles for offering efficient and customer-satisfying service. The AARP Public Policy Institute confirmed this to be true during an eight-day study tour and video shoot of the FlexTrafik system. The entity behind the system, FlexDanmark — a nationwide software company owned by five regional public transport authorities — offers a global model for truly coordinated demand responsive transportation service.

Read Full Article by Jana Lynott, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor, Public Policy Institute, AARP

The FlexDanmark Video Series



Editorial Producer:  Kim Sedmak

 Andre Costantini & Swikar Patel

Editor:  Andre Costantini

Still Photography:

 Mirjam Evers

FlexDanmark: Transportation for All

This provides a primer on the world’s largest, most coordinated demand responsive transportation system. The FlexDanmark model is helping to support Danes of all ages stay connected to healthcare, social services, education and community. It also keeps older Danes, especially those living in the rural areas, aging in place. This cutting-edge technology is now available to all and might very well be an option for other countries to consider. Especially given people age 80+ is the fastest growing cohort world-wide.

FlexDanmark: Gitte's Story

Meet Gitte Aakjaer, a former teacher who now with a disability relies heavily on FlexDanmark. "In Denmark, the government makes it possible for everyone to be part of the society." Her inspiring story demonstrates that with good transportation everyone has the possibility of living and enjoying life to the fullest.


FlexDanmark: Susanne's Story

Meet Susanne Riis, retired and no longer able to safely drive uses FlexDanmark to stay on the go! Whether it’s a trip to the gym, exercise class, shopping or meeting up with her husband after work this unique and affordable demand responsive transportation system provides for a quality of life that is unique. Without this service, Susanne might rarely leave her home.