Future of Work

for all generations


The Future of Work for the 50+ Webinar

September 29, 2021

Work, and the workplace, is changing around the world at a rapid pace. While technological breakthroughs are transforming how we work, increased longevity is transforming the workforce itself.

With people living and working longer, employers are managing up to five generations in the workplace on any given day.

Unlocking the potential of this new workforce requires a new approach to the future of work—one that is multigenerational.

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...an age-inclusive culture
An age-inclusive culture supports meaningful work and an environment of respect, inclusion, and equity for all generations. Taking an intentional approach to bringing age to these foundational elements of culture will enable employees to fully engage, contribute their diverse perspectives, and ultimately drive better business performance. Learn More.

Future of Work for All Generations: Create & Invest

With five generations working side-by-side becoming “the new normal,” AARP sees opportunities in a new workforce ecosystem, one that we can create and invest in. All of us can benefit. 


...in age-inclusive policies and practices
The standards, policies, and practices of an organization form the structure of a workplace. Leaders ought to consider the complexity of the multigenerational workforce when evaluating their organization’s recruitment and retention practices, flexible work and caregiving benefits, lifelong learning and training, and assessment practices. Learn More. 

Future of Work for All Generations: Prosper

Industry leaders recognize that a growing older population is a key driver of economic growth, innovation, and value creation.

AARP sees the need and opportunity for action.

That’s why we work with international institutions like the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development --- World Economic Forum – and the UN -- to identify best practices and economic incentives for a multigenerational workforce.  That’s why we are calling on industry leaders to build age-diversity into their strategic vision, training and hiring practices.


...by unlocking the full potential of the multigenerational workforce
The multigenerational workforce can offer benefits to countries, employers, and employees. Countries can gain greater economic output, vibrant communities, and societies that are resilient to demographic shifts. Employers can benefit from the retention of intellectual capital, a more stable, productive and engaged workforce, and closer alignment to market needs. Employees can obtain greater self-fulfillment, financial security, and skill revitalization. Learn More. 


What action do you want to take to unlock the productive opportunity of the multigenerational workforce?