Living, Learning and Earning Longer Covid-19 Resources

Issue Brief: Strategies for Assessing Employee Retention During COVID-19

This brief offers 5 considerations business should take when thinking about staffing priorities in the midst of economic uncertainty.
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COVID-19 Resources for Employers: An Interview with Muriel Roake, Principal Consultant, Muriel Roake and Associates, New Zealand

AARP's Senior Vice President for Global Thought Leadership Jean Accius speaks with Muriel Roake, Principal Consultant at Muriel Roake and Associates in New Zealand about what to consider when having supportive conversations with employees during COVID-19.

Issue Brief: Supportive Conversations with Workers as They Age

This brief offers ideas to consider when having conversations with employees about transitions regarding retirement discussion, layoffs or other circumstances that may require delicate navigation.
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COVID-19 Resources for Employers: An Interview with Professor Phil Taylor, Federation University Australia

Jeff Gullo speaks with Professor Philip Taylor, Discipline Head of Management and a professor of human resource management at Federation Business School, Federation University Australia, about investing in employees during difficult times.

COVID-19 Resources for Employers: An Interview with Geoff Pearman, Partners in Change

Ramsey Alwin hosts a conversation about supporting employees during transitions with Geoff Pearman, managing director at Partners in Change, a consultancy firm based in Dunedin, New Zealand

Issue Brief: Supporting Workers of All Ages and Life Stages Through COVID-19 and Beyond

This brief outlines ways to support all of your employees and uphold the pillars of safety, respect, equality, and privacy. 
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