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Join AARP, the World Economic Forum, OECD and  50 employers in a learning collaborative to identify and share multigenerational, inclusive workforce practices.

Project Objectives

The World Economic Forum, AARP, OECD, and partner organizations agree to share existing resources and, where knowledge gaps exist, collaborate on new research to help employers build, support, and sustain multi-generational workforces.


Timeline (2019–2020)

This initiative will be conducted in three phases:

 I.)    Launch and Partnerships;

II.)    Study and Consensus; and

III.)   Release and Promote.

In addition to conducting extensive desk research, a series of 3-4 regional workshops between summer 2019 and fall 2019 will convene a diverse set of international thought leaders to engage in dialogue, share existing resources, highlight meaningful case studies, and consider business rationales and incentives for employers to support a multi-generational, inclusive workforce.

This work will culminate in a web-based interactive, to be launched at the 2021 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. This interactive will serve as a guide for employers on the policies, practices, and business cases for supporting an age-diverse workforce.

Regional Executive Workforce Roundtable

Event Calendar

July 2019  - New York City, USA

September 2019  - Singapore

October 2019  - Paris, France


Contact for more information

Jeffrey Gullo, AARP