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A Model Pension Scheme in Africa

"An assessment of the impact in Zanzibar is still ongoing, but initial discussions with older people suggest that the scheme is having a substantial positive impact on older people and their families."

Bleu, Blanc, Rouge — et Argenté!

"Society must adapt to be inclusive of seniors—they are the backbone of our social and civic fabric, especially considering their essential contributions to family solidarity."

Designing for Social Impact

"Because fashion is so intimately bound with questions related to the body, fashion design programs have a unique opportunity to go into depth to create garments for those with functional and physical limitations."

Disrupt Aging: The Global Imperative

" is time to coalesce around the progress we have made and create a movement to “disrupt aging”—that is, to change the conversation about what it means to grow older."

Economic Empowerment of Older Women

"Increasing women’s economic participation at every phase of their lives strengthens prospects for economic growth."