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AARP Insights & Action: The Longevity Opportunity

"Helping global employers adapt their workplace practices to capitalize on this trend is imperative if we are to unlock this future workforce potential – what I call the longevity opportunity. "

Resource Spotlight - Aging Population: From Perceived Burden to Economic Engine

"AARP’s Longevity Economy® outlook debunks provides empirical evidence of older Americans’ substantial contributions to the economy — as well as to the fiscal health of government and society’s overall wellbeing. "

The Global COVID-19 Response: Policy and Social Innovations

"We present four case studies—across developed and developing countries—that feature innovative ways governments and communities are helping their populations get through this crisis."

Longevity & Equity

"...not all countries are experiencing the same gains in longevity, nor is everyone living longer. In addition, it is uncertain how the Covid-19 pandemic will affect longevity in the near and long-term future."