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Building Innovative Multigenerational Teams in an Aging World

"As the employee career span lengthens, this significant demographic change presents employers with a brand-new opportunity to reimagine the workforce of the future."

From the CEO: What the Pandemic Teaches Us, for Today and Tomorrow

"...this pandemic forces us not only to address immediate needs, but to consider longer-term solutions that will help us all live and age better, lessening the impact of future crises."

From the Executive Editor: 2020 Fosters a Renewed Look at Equity, Community, Longevity, and Work

"While these have been difficult times for everyone, this pandemic has also provided an opportunity to pause and do a reset in many respects, and reimagine our collective future."

Instead of Workers’ Age Alone, Let’s Focus on Their GATE: Generation, Age, Tenure, Experience

"This GATE framework takes a more comprehensive look at 50+ employees, helping to avoid stereotypes and misconceptions."

Longevity & Equity

"...not all countries are experiencing the same gains in longevity, nor is everyone living longer. In addition, it is uncertain how the Covid-19 pandemic will affect longevity in the near and long-term future."