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Oaxaca de Juárez: A Surprisingly Age-Friendly Mexican City

"Residents of Oaxaca enjoy further opportunities for healthy aging through public health insurance systems, and a culture of community that values older adults."

Age Friendly Towns in Ireland

Developing Age Friendly Towns revolves around the ethos that if you design for the young, you exclude the old, but if you design for the old, you include everyone.

Applying the Pandemic’s Public Health Lessons Holds Promise for Latin America and the World

While the current emergency is not yet over, we are all starting to imagine what a post-pandemic world could look like. In fact, there is much talk about a new normal. I would argue, however, that we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a better normal. We owe it to all those who have suffered to apply the lessons we have learned thus far.

Building a Better California for All Ages and Abilities

In early 2021, California launched its bold 10-year Master Plan for Aging. The Master Plan provides an inclusive and equitable framework for transforming aging for individuals, families, and communities as the changing demographics inevitably shape the future of California.

Combating Ageism in the Media and Marketing

Reaping the economic benefits of age-inclusive marketing starts with understanding the 50-plus lifestyle and then using images and messaging that connect with the reality of how people are aging today. Increasingly, that lifestyle includes employment, which is tied to consumption and spending patterns.