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AARP Insights & Action: The Longevity Opportunity

"Helping global employers adapt their workplace practices to capitalize on this trend is imperative if we are to unlock this future workforce potential – what I call the longevity opportunity. "

AARP’s Age-Friendly Network: Catalyzing State and Local Leadership for a More Livable Future for All

"Even before the pandemic hit, the value of pursuing a more 'age-friendly future' was evident."

From the Editor: AARP International The Journal 2020

"...the solutions proposed in this edition to address the most pressing aging issues have become more relevant than ever."

Putting People at the Center: The OECD’s I Am the Future of Work Campaign

"... we have felt the need to remind both ourselves and the countries we serve of the human beings and the lives behind the numbers, putting real people at the center of the debate."

Resource Spotlight - Aging Population: From Perceived Burden to Economic Engine

"AARP’s Longevity Economy® outlook debunks provides empirical evidence of older Americans’ substantial contributions to the economy — as well as to the fiscal health of government and society’s overall wellbeing. "