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A Legacy of Care: An Interview with H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden on Improving the Quality of Life for Dementia Patients

"I know there is a great sadness to see the person you love fade away more and more. Therefore, greater knowledge of dementia has become a mission for me, and I hope that it will be widely recognized that this is a disease that must be shouldered by the entire society."

Auto Enrollment: Nudging the UK towards a Pension Revolution

"As needs change, we want to make sure we’re adapting and keeping up so that we can fulfill our mission to help millions of people enjoy a better retirement."

From Consensus to Consensus, and Back Again: The Strange Case of UK Pension Saving

"Over the next couple of years, every small employer in the country will have to auto-enroll their workers. This is likely to get interesting—it’s one thing for large employers, which are already likely to have a pension plan for new savers or have the resources to set one up, but quite another thing for smaller businesses that are new to this world."

How to Save like a Kiwi

"KiwiSaver is in its 9th year. It has achieved remarkable acceptance, low administration costs, and wide transparency; however, low levels of contribution, its use for housing, too many in default schemes, low default contribution rates, and lack of longevity protection, remain as concerns."

Looking Abroad from the UK to the US: How Retirees Spend Their Pension Savings

"Given that we are only a year into the reform, it remains too early to understand the long-term implications of choices made by UK retirees, but looking internationally can also guide us."