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A New Vision for Living and Aging in America

"We need to get rid of the outdated beliefs and stereotypes about aging and spur new solutions so more of us can choose how we want to age."

Disrupt Aging: The Future of Work

"As large numbers of workers around the world begin stepping down from their jobs, employers are bracing themselves for a significant loss of experience and talent."

From the Editor: Summer 2016

"We all need to "disrupt aging” and change perceptions and achieve a better match between longer life expectancy and the active participation of older persons in our societies."

Health and Aging: Sustaining a Precious Natural Resource

"Aging well is our new challenge. Achieving it will require us not only to reinvent our health care systems but also to fundamentally change our basic attitudes toward health and well-being throughout our lifetimes."

Inclusive Aging and the Need to Rethink Retirement

"A vision of inclusive aging, a world in which everyone can enjoy longer and healthier lives, cannot be achieved without a fundamental rethinking of retirement."